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The main purpose of the expandable hose is to use it for various mechanical ventilation. The ventilation equipment is widely used in the air supply under the harsh working environment such as machine room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, underground cable maintenance, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, fire rescue and smoke exhaust. Exhaust the wind, in addition to the use of smoke, aircraft exhaust emissions of smoke, dust, high temperature and humidity gas exhaust. expandable hose are used in many ways. How to choose high-quality high-temperature flexible hoses? First of all, the material of the expandable hose, there are many kinds of materials, such as nylon cloth, glass fiber, PVC square bone, high-grade aluminum foil, PP steel wire, silicone glass fiber, etc., the choice of materials for different purposes It is also different; the specific air ducts can be used to consult the sales staff according to their own purposes, and they will provide targeted solutions according to your needs. Secondly, the flame retardant conforms to DIN02-B1, has wear resistance protection, strong acid and alkali resistance, has extremely good chemical resistance, and is resistant to high temperature. Generally, the ventilation hose has these high quality characteristics; chemical exhaust gas, flame retardant and wear resistant , tensile and arbitrary telescopic universal conversion function. If you need to choose high temperature air duct, you can use silicone rubber ventilation hose, the working temperature can reach -70 ° to 260 °, instantaneous 280 °, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and will not Frost cracking, the pipe wall will not be concave when bent, and will not cause any deformation; Finally, the selection of high temperature resistant ducts requires careful selection of quality. According to whether the temperature resistance is flame retardant, strong acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, etc., it is recommended to choose the regular expandable hose manufacturers to buy. Safe and long lasting. The above is what the expandable hose manufacturersintroduced today.