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Types of drying equipment So far, there have been hundreds of drying equipment that have been successfully developed, and there are more than one hundred kinds of drying equipment commonly used in industrial production. There are also a variety of methods for classifying drying equipment. Let's follow the Blast freezer manufacturer to learn about drying equipment. Characteristics of drying equipment Most dryers are non-standard equipment, mainly because the materials processed by each dryer are different. Many drying conditions change with materials, which leads to changes in the structure and materials of the dryer. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the specific parameters of the material to be dried, such as the state of the material, the type of moisture contained, the amount of treatment, the characteristics of the material during the drying process, whether it is corrosive, burning and explosive, whether static electricity is generated, the specific requirements of the product, and the heat sensitivity of the material. The temperature, etc., can determine the various parameters of the dryer. For this reason, many dryers cannot be mass-produced, and attention must be paid to the material's pertinence and adaptability to working conditions during the design process. information about Blast freezer : https://www.gf-machine.com/product/quick-freezing-equipment/