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Refrigeration technology and equipment in the food processing industry, pretreatment of raw materials, pre-cooling and quick freezing are cold processing of food, which has a great impact on the quality of food. This part is also a necessary process for frozen food factories, cooling meat, and frozen meat. And the freezing process of acid-free, quick-frozen vegetables. Refrigeration technology in China is growing, and frozen food is also favored by consumers. A better understanding of the origin of the sensory properties of food from the perspective of materials science. The following gf-machine Lyophilization equipment manufacturers have introduced knowledge of food refrigeration processing technology. With the improvement of refrigeration technology, it is necessary to use defrosting technology to speed up the thawing process and avoid affecting quality, which has become the focus of developing new thawing technology. To date, thawing of frozen foods has a natural thawing method using running water and a heat source thawing method using high-temperature air and steam. When the thawing temperature is reached, when the temperature of the food is slow, handling of the frozen food by this method has problems such as oxidation and bacterial growth. A suitable solution to the above problem is to develop an "internal" thawing method that maintains a low temperature, and the microwave heating method is attractive in this respect. information about Lyophilization equipment : https://www.gf-machine.com/product/drying-equipment/