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Fresh-cut vegetables, fresh-cut vegetables, and ready-to-eat vegetables refer to fresh vegetable products that can be directly cooked or eaten after a series of processing such as grading, sorting, cleaning, cutting and packaging of fresh vegetable raw materials. Compared with quick-frozen vegetables, although the preservation time is short, it can keep the fresh texture and nutritional value of vegetables, and it does not need freezing and thawing, and has the advantages of more convenient eating and lower production cost. With the quickening pace of life, fresh-cut vegetables are favored by people because of their freshness, convenience, nutrition, and pollution-free. Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are instant fruits and vegetables processed products made from fresh fruits and vegetables through the processes of cleaning, peeling, cutting or cutting, trimming, packaging and the like, namely the so-called semi-processed fruits and vegetables, lightly processed fruits and vegetables, processed fruits and vegetables, namely MP fruits and vegetables or prefabricated fruits and vegetables. The following gf-machine , Vegetable dryer machine manufacturer will introduce the assembly line processing flow. Pre-treatment-cutting-cleaning and disinfection-dehydration-packaging-gold inspection and warehousing. 1. fresh-cut vegetables, ready-to-eat vegetables processing line configuration: according to customer vegetable processing species, processing requirements and output configuration. 2. process: raw material collection, inspection, pretreatment, cutting (block, silk, butyl, etc.), cleaning, preservation (anti-browning or sterilization), draining, metal detection, packaging, storage and transportation, and sales information about Vegetable dryer machine : https://www.gf-machine.com/