unique machine's Album: Requirements For Production Of Corundum

Corundum Abrasive , like SG abrasive, is polycrystalline corundum abrasive. The difference is that it can produce better self-sharpening under the condition of small grinding force. When the abrasive is subjected to grinding force, its passivated part will decompose along with the crystal plane, and a new front opening will appear immediately and participate in the cutting process. The effect of self-sharpening is reflected. This kind of Corundum Abrasive is sintered at low temperature. When the abrasive is sintered at high temperature, the grain growth will be promoted by high temperature and the original microcrystalline structure and properties will be destroyed. In order to give full play to its performance, a special high-efficiency low-temperature binder has been developed so that the sintering temperature of the grinding tool is preferably below 1000℃. Corundum Abrasive grinding tools with very fine grain size and special performance requirements, such as ultra-fine grinding stones used in automobile shock absorbers, textile machinery, bearings, and other industries, have a Corundum Abrasive grain size between W2.5 and W28. Due to the extremely fine grain size, they have a strong decomposition, oxidation and reaction capabilities at high temperatures. In order to reduce the degree of decomposition and oxidation, and also to meet the requirements of ultra-precision low-temperature processing, it is better to use a low-temperature binder. information about corundum abrasive: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/