unique machine's Album: Vibratory Finishing Machine Manufacturer

Today, the Vibratory Finishing Machine manufacturer shares the knowledge of vibratory polishing machines: The vibrating mill is equipped with a vibrating motor in the vibrating plate. When the vibrating plate is connected to the base by the vibrating spring to start the vibrating grinder, the vibrating motor generates a strong exciting force, and the vibrating spring drives the grinding mixture in the vibrating plate (ie, the grinding material, Grinding parts, grinding aids and other mixtures) produce three directions of motion, that is, up and down vibration, from the inside out, the spiral clockwise rotation (for this reason, some manufacturers of vibration grinding machine, also known as "spiral "Vibration grinder or spiral vibratory finishing machine"), "three yuan" is the truth. The vibration motor is the core component of the vibrating mill. It is a special vibration motor with an eccentric block (also called a vibrating block) mounted on the shafts at both ends. By adjusting the relative angle and weight of the two eccentric blocks, the vibration frequency and the turning speed of the vibrating machine can be conveniently adjusted. The specific adjustment method can be found in the company's manual. The products and parts that need to be polished and polished, in this three-dimensional grinding mode, rub against the polishing and polishing materials to achieve surface polishing, de-graining, chamfering, deburring, derusting, rough polishing, precision polishing, Glossy lighting, fine grinding before plating, excellent vibration and so on. information about vibratory finishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com