unique machine's Album: How to use Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory Finishing Machine is destructive to the equipment and is also a vulnerable device. When the use is not correct, not only the life of the motor itself is shortened, but also the mechanical equipment that is dragged is also greatly damaged. Therefore, it must be strictly used in use. Explain the use, increase the number and intensity of inspections, and find out the hidden dangers in time. Reasonable use, diligent and careful inspection can better play the role of Vibratory Finishing Machine to prolong the service life. Maintenance items: 1. The output cable of Vibratory Finishing Machine is subject to vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cable with a large elasticity as the motor lead. Generally, the motor lead is easily broken or worn at the root of the motor outlet. When such a fault occurs, the motor must be turned on. Internal rewiring. 2, Vibratory Finishing Machine bearings should use heavy-duty bearings, can carry a certain axial load, regardless of the installation direction, bearing life is not affected by the axial load. 3. When disassembling the bearing, record the position of the eccentric block and the percentage of the exciting force. After replacing the bearing, check the shaft of the motor to have a certain axial movement. Do not install the eccentric block air test motor first. Reset the eccentric block according to the original record. 4. The protective cover of the eccentric block should be sealed to prevent dust from entering the interior and affecting the operation of the motor. information about vibratory finishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com