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Stainless steel workpieces are smaller and thinner, requiring high precision on the workpiece. With the increase in customer output, manual polishing has not been able to match, so the customer decided to use abrasive fluid polishing to improve efficiency. Before polishing, the fire pattern of the workpiece is very obvious, and there is adhesion of the rust. After polishing with the abrasive flow, the groove is as bright as the mirror surface, and the surface roughness is raised from 0.8 to 0.2. Small workpieces like this, even with a small abrasive flow device, can throw 10 at a time, each time takes 2 minutes, and the unit polishing cost only takes 1-2 cents. Both the effect, the cost and the efficiency, bring great benefits to the customer. The fluid abrasive is extruded, passed through the groove surface, and ground under pressure to achieve the purpose of polishing. The above is the process of groove polishing shared by the manufacturer of Vibratory Finishing Machine . information about vibratory finishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com