unique machine's Album: Composition Of Centrifugal Barrel Finish

Regardless of the industry, people are thinking about how well they can do their products while saving money, materials and materials, and satisfactory results. The Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine can achieve a large degree of speed and convenience. It has multiple barrels and is a machine that operates multiple storage bins in the processing machine. It can polish four workpieces according to the needs of production. Therefore, it is a highly efficient polishing machine in the current grinding and polishing machine. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine's storage bins One machine is equipped with four separate work buckets. When the machine starts to work on the workpiece, the four centrifuge drums operate in revolution and rotation. The material in the bucket is operated while the machine is running, and each side of the workpiece is uniformly polished. Therefore, the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is faster in processing and achieves a uniform polishing effect on each side of the workpiece. Its mechanical design: the control panel is installed on the front of the machine, and the control panel is equipped with speed control, time adjustment and automatic start and stop devices. The main mechanical structure of the machine is a machine tool, a drive motor, a roller bed, a storage drum, a roller cover and the like. His mode of operation is that the drive motor drives the machine revolution wheel for revolution movement, and each storage drum has its own chain drive connection rotation. Achieve a planetary all-round grinding effect. The operation of the machine is very convenient. As long as the required parameters are set on the control panel before starting, it will be completed according to the set requirements. So just make adjustments to the control panel. The Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine allows you to operate multiple machines at the same time for rotation. In order to improve the surface grinding quality of the workpiece, his roller is designed and manufactured, considering the working stability of the storage barrel and the rationality of the grinding efficiency and the movement track of the workpiece and the polishing material in the cylinder. The roller is designed as a hexagonal cube. In operation, the workpiece and polishing abrasive materials such as abrasive polishing abrasives, polishing slurry or polishing brightener and water are placed in the hexagonal inner lid of the container lid, loaded into the machine drum bed, locked to the drum control panel, and the protective cover is closed. , you can start grinding and polishing the workpiece. The power source of high-efficiency polishing is that the force is just right. If the drum cannot rotate independently, the workpiece in the drum and the abrasive polishing abrasive will not automatically roll due to the centripetal force, then the workpiece will not reach or can not fully meet the requirements. There is a finishing effect. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/