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In the electric spark cutting, there are many factors affecting the machining precision of the Vibratory Polishing Machine , mainly including machine tools, pulse power supplies, control systems, working fluids, electrode wires, workpiece materials, electrical parameters, and cutting process methods. 1. The dimensional accuracy is mainly related to the positioning accuracy of the machine tool, the repeat positioning accuracy, the coordinate positioning of the wire, the perpendicularity of the wire to the table, the temperature of the working fluid, and the stability of the discharge. The coordinate positioning of the wire is a problem, and it is usually a method such as a spark method or a resistance method. The spark method is based on the occurrence of sparks when the wire leads to the reference plane of the workpiece. The resistance method measures the resistance between the wire and the workpiece and can be detected by an electric meter or a sounder. Of course, the simplest is visual inspection. 2. Shape Accuracy In addition to the general shape accuracy in the online cutting process, the shape accuracy that is easy to occur is the slit width, the corner precision (the corner fillet), the roundness, the straightness (the drum shape), and the difference between the upper and lower end faces. Etc. Table 623 shows the presence of these. 3. The positional accuracy generally has a great relationship with the accuracy of the machine tool, and some factors affecting the shape accuracy also have a shadow on the positionality. 4. Factors affecting the quality of the machined surface. When the wire is cut, the surface quality includes surface roughness, surface deterioration layer, surface defects, and the like. There are many factors affecting the surface quality, such as discharge energy, cutting speed, wire span and tension, wire speed, working fluid, and the like. information about vibratory polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/vibratory-polishing-machine/