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The grinding wheel is a round-shaped fixed abrasive having a through hole in the center made of abrasive and a binder. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, hardness, binder, shape and size. The following Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturer will introduce it. 1, the choice of abrasive Abrasives are the main raw material for the manufacture of grinding wheels, which are responsible for cutting work. Therefore, the abrasive must be sharp and have high hardness, good heat resistance and certain toughness. 2, granularity and its choice The particle size is divided into two types: abrasive grains and fine powder. For abrasives having a particle size greater than 40 μm, it is called abrasive particles. The classification was carried out by a screening method, and the particle size number was expressed by the number of perforations per inch of the sieve passing through the abrasive grains. For abrasives with a particle size of less than 40 μm, it is called micropowder. The microscopic measurement was carried out, and the particle size number was represented by W and the following numerals, and the value after W represents the actual size of the fine powder. information about ceramic grinding abrasive : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/