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LED floodlights use floodlighting to brighten the facade of a building. It is one of the most important ways to invent and beautify the city's night scene. This kind of lighting method can not only illuminate the facade of the building, but also through the careful planning of the lighting planner, it can also invent a more fascinating and touching effect than the daytime, with distinct layers, emphasis and outstanding building characteristics. Here is the Led High bay manufacturer to share what is the LED floodlight? However, floodlighting is only one of the ways to brighten buildings. It is by no means the only one. Never mention that the facade lighting is non-flooding, and the facade lighting is not equal to floodlighting. Buildings with floodlighting should have the following two conditions: The first is that the appearance of the illuminated building should have a certain reflectance. Floodlighting is the use of floodlights to illuminate the exterior of the illuminated building, and then through its reflection, people see the brightness from the direction of the survey. The second is: the reflection of the exterior of the illuminated building is best diffuse reflection, at least it is necessary to be scattered reflection, all kinds of appearance must have a certain reflection light, and because the appearance of the brightness is not the same, the reflection is not the same, roughly divided For directional reflection, scattered reflection and diffuse reflection. information about Led High bay :