Making New Friends - Creative Ways to Find People With Similar

  • Making New Friends - Creative Ways to Find People With Similar Interests
    By []Eden Laura Quirino

    It seems that the older people get, the less friends they have. This can due to the busyness of one's personal schedule brought about by their careers or their families. If we were to look back at the old days when we were in still in school, we remember how close we were to our friends, what fun we had, and how we relish the enjoyment of things, which for now would probably be silly or too trivial for us to consider.

    In spite of that, it is a fact that friends do enrich our lives. Good friends are very hard to find. But once you find them, whether they are of the same gender or not, they are relational treasure chests that you would certainly like to care for and safeguard. But where can you go to find potential lifelong friends with similar interests such as yours?

    Here are my suggestions:
    Pursue a Hobby or a Cause. Whatever activity that is that relaxes you, whether it is needlework, bonsai culture, indoor gardening, pets, traveling, scuba diving or sports in general, there is certainly someone who likes and enjoys what you are into. Do join clubs or communities that are specific to your interest. Initiate conversations and share tips and tricks.
    Join Online Forums. If you are a technical expert, are on online vendor or affiliate marketer, there are social forums you can be part of. There are also literary forums, that discuss various material and special focus groups. Give inputs that provide value to other people like sharing some technical tips for free. In time, you will be one of the sought after members there.
    Be part of a church community. They say that the church is the safest place in the world. If you are willing to commit to a local church, you will certainly meet people there who have similar interests since they usually have small groups that are gender-specific and age-group specific. You will most likely find lifelong friends if you are willing to respond to people who try to make friends with you.
    Try Online Dating. If you have tried all of the above, perhaps you can endeavor into the world of online dating even just for curiosity sake. You are normally asked to specify your interests and hobbies and that alone targets the potential people you will meet. Now, romance is certainly the major objective of people joining, but if you keep your eyes open, potential lifelong friends may be there as well.

    Get yourself some new friends. Reconnect with the old ones. Invest time and resources in building significant relationships. Avoid burning bridges. Life is simply too short. Be the friend that you would want to be with.

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