Begin your trip at Fortnite

  • A couple of moments went by, then a fortnite weapons warped into the world only to fly and warp out again, as though it had been jumping between measurements. At length, a rocket flew straight up into the sky and hit the"ceiling" of this world, producing giant glowing cracks and potentially dimensional rifts.

    There is a giant crack in the skies, but what is going to happen when Season 5 begins? Epic Games released a few screenshots to tease what's next, however they do not tell you much except the rifts could deliver things from a different time onto the island.

    Since the event, the Fortnite world has been changing gradually. The crack in the sky has been getting bigger, and other small rifts have appeared in different places around the staircase. In certain places, items (from another dimension?)

    The giant signs at both Lonely Lodge and the motel in the northwest part of the map have been consumed by smaller portals in those areas.

    Does this mean that these areas and others around the map will change or disappear? Nobody really knows. But that is what makes logging on Thursday a necessity for any significant Fortnite lovers and probably a reason for people who have left the game to see what it is all about.

    In any event, we will be there together with you as News about fortnite evolves in Season 5, so keep checking back for the latest updates to world's most popular battle royale game.