It's fine to have the same article on multiple discussion pages

  •  It's fine to have the same article on multiple discussion pages, as long as it's good content. What can you Provide? Most importantly, you must provide great content to the community!  Most people use the discussion boards to mastermind and learn.  Here is a summary of the technique I learned from the "King of LinkedIn" himself, Larry Beacham.  Build a strong reputation (and it only takes a few weeks consistent work, I had several leads from this strategy the FIRST DAY I implemented it) and the rewards will be never ending.  Many people just click on names and ask to connect, but they haven't had any contact with the person before.  It's important to show that you are going to be able to help someone in their goal, so you must position your business in that light.  Write an informative article everyday.  Now what kind of mindset would that person have?  They want to learn strategies, tools and tips for success.  

    How you're initiating connections is very important.  Your online reputation is important and you are branding yourself as a leader.  Have a nice professional photo on your page, discuss your background and business in a professional manner.  Get educated, start creating content, and take your MLM business to the next level .  You can't try to connect with strangers as they simply click a button to tell LinkedIn that they don't know you.  Who do you assist? What areas do you specialize in?  It certainly doesn't need to be unfriendly or stiff, but always professional. Keeping that basic principle in mind, here is a great way to start your LinkedIn marketing campaign: How are YOU going to help? Now on Facebook or Myspace it might be appropriate to put a photo of you on the beach, update your profile with the great lifestyle you are leading, but on Outdoor aluminium die-casting light LinkedIn you must always be professional. This is just scratching the surface of what you can do with LinkedIn. You have to become a leader to be a success at network marketing.  In all your marketing make sure you position your business and yourself in a way that will appeal to the person on that platform.  If you take the time and have the patience to work this way the people you do connect with will be more targeted, they will know who you are and are a lot more likely to check your profile, sites,etc.  You need to apply this daily during the working week and you will begin to build a reputation as a leader and someone who delivers over and over again.  LinkedIn users tend to be slightly more careful in making connections as they don't want to give strangers access to their network of people and their contact information. 

     Sign your name, number and website at the bottom of your article, and let people come to you.If you want to create massive MLM success using social media marketing, one of the greatest tools you can use is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily a giant network of business professionals.  You definitely can't jump on LinkedIn and start advertising your great new business all over the place. As with all marketing you must remain consistent. How do you Connect? You need to make sure you don't rush to connect to people in LinkedIn.  Put that article as a discussion on each of your groups. First, always think about the marketing platform and the people who use it: why do they use it and what do they want to achieve.  Make sure you have had contact or some connection first (not just being part of the same group).  Wait until people start to respond to your discussion posts and then ask those people to connect.  So the people who are on LinkedIn are looking to connect with other professionals to grow their business networks, and find people who can assist them in their business or career.  Include a note that is personalized and mentions that they commented on your post.  As a simple strategy, join several groups that are specific to your target market.  Information they can actually take away and apply.  Everyone need to follow someone that they know can really help them achieve success.  Invest the time and you will create leads that will want to be working with you, that will know you and that you can help them.