Xinyu Committed to the Development of Enameled Wire


    Xinyu is committed to the development of Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire using advanced technology.According to the effect of the surface tension on the surface of the lacquer, the curvature of the uneven surface varies from point to point. The positive pressure at each point is not balanced. Before entering the enameled furnace, the paint at the thick part flows by the surface tension to the thin part. The paint is evenly distributed. This process is called the leveling process. The uniformity of the paint film is affected not only by the leveling effect but also by the effect of gravity, which is the result of the resultant force.

    After drawing the felt out of the felt, there is a rounding process. Because the wire is painted through the felt, the shape of the liquid is olive-shaped. At this time, under the effect of surface tension, the paint overcomes the viscosity of the paint and turns into a circle in an instant.

    If the specification of the wire is smaller, the viscosity of the paint is smaller, and the time required for rounding is less; if the specification of the wire is increased, the viscosity of the paint is also increased, and the time required for rounding is also large. In high-viscosity paints, sometimes the surface tension cannot overcome the internal frictional force of the paint, causing unevenness of the paint layer.

    When the lacquer wire comes out of the felt, there is also a gravitational effect during the lacquering process. If the rounding time is very short, the olive-shaped sharp corners will soon disappear, and the effect of gravity will have a very short time, and the conductor coating layer will be more uniform. If the rounding time is longer, the sharp corners at both ends will have a longer time and the gravitational action time will be longer. At this time, the lacquer layer at the sharp corners will have a tendency of downward turbulence, which will increase the thickness of the paint layer in some areas. Tension forces the lacquer into a spherical shape and becomes a particle. Due to the gravitational effect, it is very prominent when the paint layer is thick, so it cannot be painted too thick for each coat. This is one of the reasons why the paint is coated with thin paint.

    Xinyu Enameled Wire Manufacturer is an integrated industrial and trade enterprise specialized in enameled wire with UL certification. And we use advanced technology to develop enameled wires to give our customers good experience.

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