Some great benefits of The Curtain Walls

  • Some great benefits of The Curtain Walls Along with the Description Of The Contour Structure
     Advantages: light weight. In the same area of comparison, the quality belonging to the glass curtain wall is approximately 1/10 ~ 1/12 belonging to the painted brick wall, marble, granitic facade wet wall 1/15, will be the concrete hanging plate 1/5 ~ ONE PARTICULAR / 7. General creating, interior and exterior outer surface are about 1/4 to 1/5 in the total weight of the actual building. The use of drape walls can greatly reduce the weight on the building, thereby reducing the buying price of basic engineering. Design mobility, artistic effect, the architect can design in accordance with their own needs various shapes, can show various colors, and the around environment, with the light et cetera to make the building plus the natural integration, so that high-rise buildings to reduce the sense of oppression. Laminated glass for sale

    Strong seismic capacity, the use of variable design, wind and seismic volume, is the best option for high construction. Scientific construction, systematic construction easier to overpower the duration, and time-consuming reduced. Modernization can improve the construction of new, engineering, such as photovoltaic energy-saving curtain wall, double-layer ventilation curtain walls and intelligent technology supporting the design. Update maintenance convenience, because doing so is built in the external structure on the building, to facilitate it's maintenance or update. Drape Walls

    From bulky for you to lighter board and structure (natural stone thickness involving 25mm, the new substance thinnest to 1mm). (There are generally stone, ceramic plate, glass-ceramic, high-pressure laminates, bare cement fiber silk board, goblet, inorganic glass steel, clay board, ceramic plate, metal plate etc, which are close to a lot of types of plates and richer colors 60 forms of plates used in the external walls). Higher safety performance. More flexible as well as convenient construction technology. Higher water resistance, extending the relationship of the curtain wall membrane (from the closed curtain wall to the open curtain wall). Curtain Walls

    Environmental protection and energy saving (now Europe and north america construction market is more commonly used for the material decorative insulation board, by the color of the aluminum-zinc alloy carved decorative finishes, polyurethane warmth layer, glass fiber pads compound; both decorative and insulation energy-saving features, 15 years without fading, the service life of up to 45 years. Curtain Outer surface

    Curtain wall is the external walls with the building, do not bear exactly the same, like the curtain waiting up, it is also known as the hanging wall, is often a modern large and high-rise houses with decorative effect belonging to the light wall. By that structural framework and mosaic denture composition, does not assume the leading structure of the load and also the role of the setting up envelope. Curtain Walls.