Fortnite Makes $2 Million Per Day On Mobile, Report Says

  • Fortnite is one from the most popular games on Buy Fortnite Skins today, but how much money could be the free-to-play game bringing in looking at the microtransactions? In short, lots.

    According to mobile analytics company Sensor Tower (via, Fortnite's iOS version made typically $2 million each day over a 10-day period following start of Season 5 recently. This is up from your reported average of $1.2 million on a daily basis from launch on March 15 on the end of Season 4 on July 11. For the final 10 days of Season 4, Fortnite was apparently making around $1.7 million daily.

    According to Sensor Tower, Fortnite daily revenue reached $3 million on July 13, which is a brand new daily revenue record. This is up substantially on the reported previous record of $1.9 million on May 1 with the start of Season 4. Sensor Tower's estimates say Fortnite has now made possible more than $150 million on the mobile edition alone. An Android version is to come. Fortnite can also be hugely popular on PC and console, therefore it is staggering to consentrate how much money the overall game might be making across all Fortnite Weapons systems.