What's New With Season 5's Map?

  • Epic may be characteristically silent in what new elements it intentions to introduce to Buy Fortnite Skins Battle Royale in Season 5, although developer continues to be laying the groundwork for most major changes to the game inside run up on the new season. The most notable sign that something big is afoot will be the recent rocket launch; after various warning signals began showing up in the sport, the mysterious rocket from the Evil Lair finally became popular on June 30, causing a large rift to appear inside sky within the island.

    Since the launch, the nature on the rift has stayed a mystery, plus more have begun being created in various areas across the map. In the days that followed the presentation, additional rifts have appeared at Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, Tomato Town, as well as other locations. Moreover, the rifts often be growing in dimensions and consuming nearby objects; the rift at Lonely Lodge, as an example, was barely visible if this first materialized, but it's since expanded and in many cases swallowed inside the sign beyond Fortnite Materials building.