Aerial advertising requires that advertisers think pvc vinyl ta

  • Aerial advertising requires that advertisers think pvc vinyl tarpaulin about their message differently. That is, you cant communicate the message in the same way you might via a newspaper or magazine ad.

    Designing an ad for plane advertising requires a little something more. It requires panache for getting your message across in a few words, and making people want to seek out more information.

    Heres why  When you place an ad on the radio, for example, you have, say, 30 seconds to get your message across. A lot can be said, communicated and shared in those 30 seconds. In that time, you can communicate to listeners something about the product, and how to get that product.

    When utilizing aerial advertising, however, you have to be short and succinct. There are, of course, many distinct advantages of using airplane messages over more traditional advertising: people retain the message longer, they remember the product or service being advertised longer, and they remember the ad long after its out of sight.

    Those advantages are the reasons that seeking out airplane advertising is important, but the nature of the advertising is where you must get smart.

    Lets look at some ideas for good airplane messages.

    First, the message must be short. Creating a message thats long also creates too much lettering on your banner. It will be hard for people to read, and hard for them to process in the limited time they have to see it.

    The message must create a call to action. That is, it should be worded in a way that makes people think, I must go buy that beverage or I must try that diet. This can be done with a graphic image thats on the banner, or with a strong, succinct message.

    The airplane advertising message should give enough information so that the person reading the banner can actually act on it. If the airplane messages send over an ad about a new restaurant, that ad must also help the viewer find the restaurant. Lets say aerial advertising is used one day at a beach. Its late in the afternoon and beachgoers are tired of hot dogs and lemonade. They are getting hungry. A buffet might be just the ticket to a full stomach.

    But the beach is often full of out-of-towners. If you simply advertise a buffet and refer to Macs, the out-of-towner cant comprehend what Macs is. The locals might know it, but visitors, not so much. A simple Elm & Pacific is enough, then, to help even visitors find the tummy-quenching buffet for dinner.

    Aerial advertising is unique and advertisers should adjust their way to thinking to accommodate this difference. Plane advertising wont answer all the questions the target audience might have, nor will it dispel with some objections. But it can get the message out and advertisers need to  with the help of the aerial advertising company  think of a catchy and useful message that will draw people to their business.

    Finally, advertisers should consider using aerial advertising in conjunction with other kinds of advertising. Call that the strong one-two punches. If someone reads a newspaper ad for a product and then sees that same product advertised over the asparagus festival later that day, that message is many times more likely to stick and result in sales for the advertiser.

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