The easiest way for you to backlit banner

  • The easiest way for you to backlit banner get rich rests on how well you can understudy those who are already extremely wealthy and find out how best you can do what they are already doing or did to get rich.  Many people don't know it but the Internet makes this exercise very easy. We already have quite a number of prominent personalities who have made fortunes online. The World Wide Web makes it very easy for you to get information on them and on how exactly they achieved their fabulous success.  For the purposes of this article let us dwell for a minute on the story of the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They got rich by ignoring money and the urge to get rich. Instead they focused in solving a major problem being faced on the World Wide Web then. It was very difficult to get quality search results, so the pair of Stanford University students created a brand new search engine based on a page rank algorithm. Initially they tried to sell it off to some of the other existing search engines without any success.


    Finally they realized that they would have to launch their new search engine on their own. This they did and spent the first months perfecting it and ensuring that it was not only the best search engine but that it exceeded the expectations of all who used it.  Finally with millions of daily users and pressure from their business partners to find a way to generate revenue from the search engine they finally sat down to figure out a way of making money from the product that was free and everybody was talking about. That is exactly how most people get rich.  How to advertise your business online  The key to successfully being able to advertise your business online rests on how quickly you can appreciate the fact that people hate to be advertised to on the web.  Once you realize this simple fact, the road leading to how you will effectively advertise your business online becomes very clear.


    For starters this tells you that loud colorful banner ads just don't cut it. Examine any statistics or even try it out for yourself and you will quickly realize that it takes hundreds of thousands of page views for a banner advertisement to yield a handful of sales. This is in sharp contrast to those tiny ugly-looking text link ads that just sell like crazy online. Or classified ads in certain prominent sites for classified ads that will quickly pay for themselves.  The reason for the success of text link ads and classified ads is that they don't really come across as ads online. Rather they are links that lead to more information and usually they will appear in places where they are highly relevant. This is very different from banner ads that scream all sorts of irrelevant messages as you are trying to take in a site. Little wonder that people just mostly ignore them.  Therefore to advertise your business you will need to look in the direction of ppc ads, classified ads and if you are a decent writer you can also consider promotional articles which are extremely effective because they not only give lots of information without looking like they are selling, but they will also pre-sell your product or service.