Fortnite: Free Battle Pass Tier Available

  • Period 3 of Season 4 is well underway in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which buy fortnite materials means a brand new set of challenges are now readily available for Battle Pass holders. As usual, the challenges pose a mixture of objectives to finish that allow you to level up your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, but there's another bonus awaiting players that manage to clear them all.

    As has been the case the past two weeks, players that clear each of the challenges in a given week will finish among the game's new Blockbuster challenges. The benefit for doing this is a particular loading display; while primarily cosmetic, the real value in the loading screen is that it hides a key that contributes to a free Battle Pass tier.

    If you manage to complete all of Week 3's challenges, you are going to find a loading screen that features a group of heroes wrapped round a holographic map. When you look very carefully at the map, you'll notice it displays a faint silhouette of a Battle Pass on the staircase, just left of the center of the screen.

    Zooming into the map shows that the free tier is pinterest submerged of Fatal Fields. Proceed to the marked location and you're going to come across a Battle Pass pub, which will reward you absolutely free rank-up when accumulated. You can see the icon's precise location on our map over.