FAQ Regarding Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

  • Businesses which are looking to outsource their data entry requirements approach various data entry outsourcing companies that have the expertise needed to get the job efficiently as well as quickly without compromising with the quality of work. Data entry has become an integral part of each business that deals with an excessive amount of data handling & data research. By choosing a reliable data entry outsourcing company, you can be assured of getting your work done by data entry experts who possess professional expertise in data entry services.

    In case this is the first time you are hearing of data entry outsourcing companies then the following frequently asked questions and their answers might guide you towards the right path. (Information source: Outsource Data Entry Services)


    Is remote or in-person training is required?

    Depending on the project and its duration, one may or may not go for remote or in-person training of its outsourced data entry worker. If the work contains several unconventional yet industry-specific responsibilities, then you may have a couple of training sessions over a call or through teleconferences and even video conferences.


    Would there be a communication lag between both Parties?

    The preferred means of communication with your outsourced data entry personnel is through encrypted email. But you may also communicate via Live chat, phone calls as per the requirement.


    How does the pricing of outsourcing data entry companies differ?

    Depending on the quality of the result and the difficulty of the job, the pricing for each project differs. The pricing structure is almost always on an hourly or unit basis. But the outsourcing data entry company can modify it into a daily or monthly basis of payment according to the duration of the project.


    Are the number of projects outsourced limited?

    It is wrong to perceive that the number of data entry projects that can be outsourced are limited. A service provider can have several projects running for their company.


    How does one receive the completed data entry work?

    Generally, after finishing your data entry project and completing one’s responsibilities, one receives an encrypted mail which contains files (in your preferred format) as attachments containing all the completed work.


    Is monitoring the data entry worker’s performance possible?

    Data entry outsourcing is a transparent process, which means at any given time you can monitor the performance and diligence of a hired data entry worker easily.  The data entry workers keep a record of the amount of work done by them daily.


    What is meant by quick turnaround time?

    Hiring a dedicated resource does not mean that the turnaround time for a given task will reduce considerably. Hiring a stronger team could produce better results in a short amount of time. Most data entry outsourcing companies have the experts of data entry working who can complete all sorts of jobs within the deadline.


    How secure it is to hire a data entry outsourcing company?

    Professional data entry outsourcing companies practice strict rules to implement security and data protection of any on-going projects. The data/documents sent at the beginning of the assignment from the service provider is sent back to them securely in the end.