9 Ways Glass is Used in Interior Decoration

  • Glass, the clear and shiny material which allows light through it and can add elegance and sophistication, in any way it is used. Today, glass is not only limited to doors and windows anymore but also used worldwide for decorating our home’s interior. There are so many glass companies in Gauteng to assist you in your interior design. (Information source: Randburg Glass)


    1. Walls – Walls are important for a house, but sunlight never reaches to the inner rooms of a big house. To solve this problem, you may use opaque glass as an alternative for your walls. The purpose of the wall is served and allows the natural light to pass. There are many glass companies in Randburg which offer perfect solutions for interior decoration.


    2. Partition Doors – Partition doors are very useful, using them properly reduces the need for more rooms as you can create a private space for yourself with them. Making these doors with glass lets the light pass through and displays various creative designs, which look great in a room.


    3. Floors – In a luxurious home, you can either laminate the concrete floor with glass, or you can make the floor with only glass to look through the floors. These floors sometimes include aquariums, water features, a display for collection or wine cellars.


    4. Staircase – If a staircase is beautiful, then it itself works as a decoration of the house. So, it is a great choice to make the staircase with tempered glass. You can make either the steps or the railing with glass.


    5. Balcony – A glass balcony is often open, bright and large. Balcony railings add even more beauty with its reflective mirror feel.


    6. Cabinets – If you want to show off your perfectly organised order of things to your guests, then glass cabinets are for you. You can attach aquariums to them to look great. Keeping some small decorating objects in them gives a feel of a well-organised showcase.


    7. Counter-tops – Cast glass is used in the making of counter-tops. They offer a natural glow to the room in quite a natural way. This glass is made with added texture and an illuminated glow. You can have them custom made and the cleaning of this glass is very easy.


    8. Shower Parts – Having a glass shower box adds great aesthetic value to a bathroom. You do not need any more decorative items to make it stylish, you can just keep it simple yet beautiful. If you are not using a box for the shower, you can still have shower walls made of glass. The textures, designs and patterns of glass create great harmony with water.


    9. Kitchen Backsplash – In the whole house, the kitchen is the place where walls are damaged most because of the oil, steam and heat given off while cooking. Glass backsplashes, however, last long and get cleaned easily.


    Besides all these, you can have beautiful glass coffee tables and glass vases in different corners of the house.