11 Advantages of Using Steel for Fabrication

  • Steel is one of the most important materials used in construction for its various qualities. Due to its multiple benefits, steel fabrication enhances the project’s process and makes it better. You can find many steel fabrication companies in Gauteng who provide excellent services. (Information credit: https://www.plasmacut.co.za/)


    Reasons why steel is great for fabrication and construction:


    1. Great Sustainability: Steel is an incredibly strong material, stronger than most of the building materials like concrete. It can withstand much more than any other material can. Buildings can also face natural disasters like a storm, steel reinforces the building and as a result the building is able to withstand a lot of force.


    2. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel contains chromium, which helps it to be corrosion resistant in wet weather and from acid and alkaline conditions.


    3. Heat Resistance: Steel can withstand high heat and protects against fire. So, the building remains intact even in extreme temperatures. Steel is used in valves, boilers, water heaters etc. for its fire resistance.


    4. Long Durability: Steel has a long life-span and it also comes with a warranty. With simple maintenance, it can easily last for a few decades.


    5. Fabrication Easiness: Steel is easy to cut, welded and everything else. So, it is a good choice for fabrication. However, make sure to use the latest and updated equipment.


    6. Flexibility: Steel is so flexible that it can be fabricated easily into any shape and size. It lets the builder make any last-minute changes in the structure if necessary.


    7. Metal Potential: Steel is an ideal metal for both simple and complex designs. Steel alloys are open to customization making it perfect for a wide-range of construction projects.


    8. Modern Style: Steel’s shiny appearance and smooth cut-edge finishes make it look aesthetically appealing. When it is shaped into many creative ways, steel blends very well with modern style. That is why it is ideal for malls, recreation centres and much more.


    9. Affordability: Although steel’s price is more excessive than other metals it is still less excessive when compared to silver, aluminium, magnesium or copper. However, even if it is not very cheap, if we consider the easy fabrication, installation, enhanced efficiency and durability of steel, then we will see that it saves a lot of money. Steel is also very light-weight compared to other metals despite being strong, it also saves on shipping costs.


    10. Recyclability: Stainless steel has a low amount of carbon components and it is recyclable. At present, half of the steel used has derived from recycled melted steel scraps, thus, it reduces waste and is good for the environment.


    11. Safety: Buildings made of steel are safer because of its fire, water and termite resistance, but it is also secure to work at the construction site as the possibilities of accidents are reduced.


    Considering all these qualities above on steel, we can say that steel fabrication is a great choice for construction.