MapleStory 2: How to Get Custom Clothes & Outfits

  • How to Get Custom Clothes & Outfits in MapleStory 2

    Show off your creative side and create your designs in this particular brand new MMORPG. Here’s how to have custom clothes and outfits in MapleStory 2.

    Apart from fighting and beginning quests, MapleStory 2 offers a good amount of MapleStory 2 Mesos other recreational activities to perform. From fishing to playing instruments, there’s a good number of extra activities inside the game.

    If you like designing custom clothes and outfits, you’re lucky. MapleStory 2 allows players to design their very own threads and in some cases sell them for a lot of quick Meret.

    That said, if you wish to get some custom clothes and outfits, it is possible to either design them yourself or purchase them throughout the Meret shop.
    How to Make Custom Clothes & Outfits in MapleStory 2

    If you desire to express your creative side, look at the lower right side of one's screen and then click the Maple Workshop button. To still find it, just look to the white cube icon next for the house icon about the lower-rightmost of the screen.

    Above that white cube must be a block using a paintbrush next going without running shoes, which may be the Maple Workshop. When you click that, you’ll talk about a screen within your character in conjunction with design templates. Simply scroll down and appear the templates for outfits and then click which one you need.

    From there, you’ll chin-up a number of pre-made templates about the left side within your screen. Simply make a choice to try it on, and in case you like it, name your design. Once that’s done, simply press the “Create” button within the bottom of one's screen.

    Take observe that you can have to pay a fee. You can only pay for ones designs through Merets, so keep that at heart when designing your own personal custom clothes and outfits.

    If you’re not only a big fan on the preset layouts, it is possible to import your designs to MapleStory 2. All you need to accomplish is select the “Open File” button next to your “Open Folder” option about the menu to get over any templates you've designed.

    From there, simply assign it over to the clothes or outfits and spend the money for Merets to utilize it. You may edit a layout in MapleStory 2 by clicking it and pressing the “New” button.
    How to Buy and Sell Custom Clothes & Outfits in MapleStory 2

    You may also sell any designs you could have made to obtain Merets in MapleStory 2. Simply pull in the Meret Market by pressing J and head on onto My Shop.

    When you’re there, look with the “List New Item” button and then click any in the pre-existing custom clothes and outfits layouts you’ve made. Type in your sale price, description, and tags, then list the design and style and watch for someone to get it.

    If you would like to buy your own personal custom clothes and outfits in MapleStory 2, select the Design Shop tab within the Meret Market to drag up different layouts using players. You could have to pay through Meret, so look out on your money when you are shopping.

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