What Is The Reason Why The Fujihd Elevator Factory Shared The D

  • Elevators equipped with automatic doors, the door system often produces various faults that affect the normal operation of the elevator. So today, follow the fujihd Elevator Factory to see what the system is.

    First, the elevator can neither close the door nor open the door.

    Overhaul and troubleshooting methods:
    1 control circuit fuse 1RD, 2RD or door circuit fuse 11RD is too loose or blown, tightened or replaced;
    2 door drive belt slips, tension belt or replace;
    3 door motor DM is damaged, the DC voltage between the multimeter M3 and M4 is 110V, and the door machine does not turn, indicating that the motor is damaged, repaired or replaced;
    4 door machine resistance RMD broken wire is not available, replace the resistance RMD;
    5 door machine circuit individual connection end point (M1 or M2 or M3 or M4) loosening off, tightening to make the line clear;
    6 The base station can not open and close the door with the key. If the 22 or 24 points are shorted, the elevator closes the door or shorts the 22 and 32. The elevator opens the door, indicating that the DYK contact of the key switch outside the hall is badly connected or broken. If the contact is poor, use anhydrous alcohol to clean and adjust the contact spring piece; if the contact is broken, replace DYK.

    1. After the station is leveled, the elevator door will not open.

    Overhaul and troubleshooting methods:
    1 2nd door open limit switch 2KM is damaged, so that the door open relay JKM can't get electricity, and the elevator can't open the door. Short-circuit two points 38, 01 check to confirm, can open the door, indicating 2KM damage, replace 2KM;
    2 Relay JKM is damaged, replace JKM;
    3 The door open circuit has a fault, such as the running relay JYT normally closed contact, etc., to be excluded;
    4 The permanent magnet relay (commonly known as the reed switch) in the door opening area is damaged, so that the door opening control relay JMQ can not be sucked, the normally open contact is still disconnected, the relay JKM can not be powered, and the door cannot be opened, and the permanent magnet relay in the opening area is replaced.

    Third, press the close button, the door does not close.

    Inspection and troubleshooting methods: 1 Close the door button AGM contact bad or damaged, short-circuit two points 23, 24 check and measure, and then repair or replace; 2 third-level door closing limit switch 3GM damage, so that the door closing relay JGM can not get electricity, the elevator can not Close the door, short-circuit 28, 01 two points to check and measure, can close the door, explain 3GM damage, replace 3GM; 3 door closing relay JGM is damaged, replace JGM; 4 start door open relay 1JQ is damaged, its normally open contact 1JQ is still disconnected, JGM can not Powered, so you can't close the door and replace the relay 1JQ.

    Fourth, the elevator has accepted the layer selection signal, the door is closed, but it cannot be started.

    Overhaul and troubleshooting methods:
    1 The car door is closed, but the car door interlock switch KMJ is not connected, the door lock relay JMS can not be powered, so it can not be started, adjust or replace the switch KMJ;
    2 hall door is not closed, the door interlock switch KMT fails to be connected, the door lock relay JMS can not be powered, so can not start, re-open the door, if it does not work, the door speed or door lock switch KMT should be adjusted;
    3 doors are closed, but the door lock switch KMT is faulty, and the door lock is removed or replaced;
    4 The running relay JYT has failed, repair or replace the JYT.