Elevator Manufacturers Discuss The Secrets Of Buying Elevators

  • Elevator Manufacturers talk about elevator procurement common sense (the following are some of the common points of purchase considerations):

    1. Customization of foundation pits and wells
      First of all, although elevators of the same weight, the size of the hoistway and the depth of the foundation pit are similar, there are still some differences between elevators of different brands. Therefore, when designing the design task book to the design institute, you should provide the design institute with all the elevator brands and elevator models that you want to use in the future, so that the design institute can design the brands that require the most wells and foundation pits according to these brands. Therefore, if you intervene from the beginning of the project construction, you must pay attention to the size of the foundation pit and the hoistway.
    2. The choice of ladder speed
      The ladder speed of common elevators is basically divided into: 1.0m/s, 1.5 m/s (1.6 m/s), 1.75 m/s (1.8 m/s), 2.0 m/s, 2.5 m/s, 3 m/s. Wait, the higher the ladder speed, the more complicated the manufacturing process and the more expensive the elevator. Under normal circumstances, according to the fire regulations, within one minute, the elevator should complete the operation from the first floor to the top floor of the building. Therefore, calculate the speed of the ladder you need according to the height of the building.
    3. Choice of load capacity
      Generally, according to the flow of people, the house generally uses 800kg elevator, and the public construction should use at least 1000kg. If you choose a smaller load elevator, you can choose the elevator decoration that looks like you want to expand the space.
    4. Material of hall door, door frame and car decoration
      According to the grade from high to low: etched steel plate, mirror steel plate, hairline steel plate, sprayed steel plate. The etched steel plate is based on the mirror steel plate or the hairline steel plate, and is etched with various patterns. This decoration is beautiful and gorgeous, and is generally suitable for medium-to-high-end commercial construction.
    5. The choice of size door cover
      As the name suggests, the bigger the door, the more expensive it is. The so-called large door cover refers to the same material as the hall door, covering the entire wall thickness and outer edge of the hall door. For public buildings or houses with low grades, you can use the door cover on the first floor foyer and the small door cover on the other floors. If you want to decorate the luxury, you can also choose to provide the elevator manufacturer with a small door cover, and then decorate the door cover with other materials.
    6. Selection of traction machine
      The traction machine is the heart of the entire elevator and the core product of every brand of elevator. The various parts of the elevator actually come from many manufacturers, but a good traction machine must be produced by the elevator manufacturer.