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  • Since WoW we've hacked and slashed our way through Everquest 2, Tabula Rasa, Lord of the buy cheap runescape gold Rings Online and Age of Conan. One thing has become very clear, the Quest Grind MMO has come of age. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. As the other writeups have pointed out the interface is almost entirely mouse driven and most tasks involve


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    Failing foundations trump numbers every time. I also think the only reason we have a short bounce up here, is speculation on oil prices which helped the energy sector recover here after being hammered. I think this is short lived, but its hard to make a call on oil. These accounts, often referred to as 'smurf accounts' are newly created accounts that are ready to be played on..

    They're VERY profitable dropping adamant bars much of the time and are simple to kill with your current range level. Since the Aviansies are in the God Wars dungeon, you might want to bring a piece of Armadyl equipment in order to avoid other monsters from attacking you. The cheapest item to bring is an Armadyl Pendant acquired after the Temple of Ikov quest.

    Small tip for people who are after the bird nests: use 9 workers for Maples and the 6 wherever wanted elsewhere. As you get 1 nest per 100 maples, using 9 workers gives 803 maples per day at full investment (75k per day) and 100% rating. Using the 10th worker doesn't get you to 900, therefore it does not get you another nest. If you had a choice to either go out side with your friends or stay inside and play video games with your friends over the internet,

    clicking on an object once. Runescape is also much cheaper than other MMORPGs, with a membership fee of only $5 USD monthly. Runescape also isn't that much worse than, say, World of Warcraft after all, you're stil just killing monsters over and over again regardless of how you do it, Runescape just sort of distills the experience..

    Down back again. Why am I here again Well, reasons for leaving the flat: my mum said since the weather looks better for Saturday (or so she says it will be. I pessimistic about it) she take me to the hills. Now we've looked at the expensive high end accounts; it's time to look at the cheaper end. There is a big market for fresh accounts in games such as League Of Legends and Counter Strike.

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