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  • tobacco, or alcohol, and their subsequent social interactions with others who use drugs increases their osrs gold chances of trying other drugs. Further research is needed to explore this question."Smoking weed doesn mean that you will suddenly get the urge to use harder drugs. Even the source that you provide isn unequivocal about weed being a gateway drug, as it says the following:

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    Your source also establishes a very weak link with the evidence it provides, and is generally ambiguous about its statements. "To the extent that this can be generalized to humans" is meaningless and gives us no insight into the actual significance of the information gathered.Weed is dangerous because it is impure

    Most illegal substances commonly abused by teens cause this. Given that marijuana is less addictive than the vast majority of said substances and can provide legitimate benefits if used properly, it is arguably one of the least dangerous drugs. On top of that, this is again correlational evidence. There is no proof that weed is the definitive cause of the IQ drop.

    It could just as easily be that people who are less inclined to continue advancing their traditional intellectual development are also more attracted to weed. Also, IQ is pretty meaningless as an evaluator for adults. It was designed for children and isn even very accurate at that, as it ignores emotional intelligence and ability for growth, among other things.

    Weed is unregulated, that is true. It can be dangerous if the source is unscrupulous and cuts it with something or uses an unsafe amount of pesticides. However, as long as you know where you are buying from, this isn a major concern. The linked article claims fungus but only mentions yeast mold, which in general isn a major health risk in small amounts.

    But personal anecdotes are not a reliable source for information. Ultimately, the science is just not there when it comes to weed, as a result of antiquated gov regulation. However, we can deduce from the motivations behind the war on drugs and the flawed methods utilized to justify it that most of what is taught by the government is iffy at best.

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