RuneScape owner hails record profits 2

  • Jagex also also posted an archive profit before tax of £20.4m for your year, compared to £766,000 in 2014.

    In July, Shanghai Zhongji Enterprise Group acquired Jagex via its established entity, Hongtou. Since then, the Chinese organisation worked to create a different division where you can house its future digital acquisitions including Jagex. This was completed with the end of September in the event the division, Zhongji Holding, listed for the OSRS Gold Chinese Stock Market.

    Zhongji has got a new majority stake in Hongtou, and can complete the rest of the 49 per-cent of Hongtou over the following year.Rod Cousens continue as chairman, leader and member from the board of directors of Jagex.

    In Jagex's annual report filed at Companies House, Cousens described 2015 for an "outstanding year" and said the company is positioned for long-term growth and margin expansion across its product portfolio.

    Jagex employs in RuneScape Gold excess of 320 staff at its headquarters in Cambridge. The company also likely to open a different office in London.