Saving on back to school season budget

  • If you are a parent with school going kids, you need to plan your budget very carefully during the back to school season. You will not be able to shy away from all the other regular expenses of the month just because you have the expenses on school supplies waiting for you. Unless you find new or additional source of income during the back to school season, you will be spreading yourself thin during this season. Finding some useful approaches to save on back to school season budget would certainly be welcome by the parents.


    Instead of waiting for the back to school season to buy all the school supplies try to spread the expenses throughout the year. This will certainly reduce the strain on your budget during the back to school season. There are certain things you know for sure you should buy for your kids for the next year. Make a list of such items and buy them as and when you find some cash to spare. Instead most parents wait until the last minute to order their backpacks, pens, notebooks and clothes. If you are going to buy everything on the same month then it is going to create a huge dent on that month’s budget. So plan carefully to reduce the strain on your budget.


    The next important factor to consider is the sourcing approach. If you can put aside some extra cash upfront go for wholesale backpacks instead of retail backpacks. When you order the school supplies from a wholesale store you will save up to 90% on the retail prices. You can order the backpacks from a wholesale store and store the surplus backpacks for the future needs of your kids so that you will never again have to spend on the backpacks meanwhile you would have spent just 10% of the retail price per backpack. So each year you can choose an item from the list of school supplies and order them from a wholesale store.


    You will not be able to order school clothes in wholesale and store them because the size will keep changing year after year. Other school supplies could easily be purchased from a wholesaler. For example you can order backpacks from wholesale backpack store and without any problem.


    Always order the best quality backpacks and best quality school supplies. If you go for inferior quality backpacks just to save money, it is not going to really help you save on the long run because you will be forced to replace those cheap products and end up spending more than what you should on those products. This will only increase your expenses on back to school purchases. Investing in good quality school supplies is certainly the best way to go about sourcing them. Find the best wholesale stores to source all you school supplies so that you can save considerably year after year. In this process never compromise on the quality of the products you purchase.