All You Need to Know About Accounting Firms in Cape Town

  • Accounting services are crucial for any business organisation. Whether it is a newly formed company, a small enterprise or a large company, accounting services need to be efficient and reliable. There are several accounting firms in Cape Town, which offer a wide range of services for businesses. These firms employ experts so that their work is carried out with great efficiency.

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    Services Offered by Various Accounting Firms

    Accounting firms offer several services related to accounts and taxation for a newly developed business or a full-fledged establishment whether they’re small or large scale. Accounting firms work closely for the corporate entities, understanding their corporate goals and objectives. The main aim is to provide efficient services within deadline. Accounting firms are highly responsible for the complexities involved in their tasks. Tasks need to be completed on time and in the most efficient way.



    Most accounting firms are staffed with capable individuals who are experienced in handling accounting related responsibilities of a corporation. The accounting team is supposed to handle everything related to accounts management of the client. Since most of the clientele of such accounting firms are growing businesses, it is also important to focus on the growth aspects of the business.


    Taxation and Salary Managing

    Top accounting firms are known for their experienced and certified tax practitioners. As trusted tax practitioners they understand the responsibility of handling tax related issues of their clients. They carry out their duties with utmost diligence and within deadlines. Whether the clients are corporates, trusts or even individual, their taxation requirements are well defined under regulated tax strategies, planning and advice. 

    Taxation services offered by accounting firms include company tax returns, tax incentives, allowances for SME’s, individual tax returns, VAT returns, PAYE returns, capital gains tax, dividend tax including salary packages and tax optimisation etc.


    File Archiving

    Handling and accommodating a growing number of files is nothing less than a nightmare for corporates and large-scale businesses. Due to this reason, some accounting firms offer file archiving services, through which their clients can store tons of old yet important files (whether digital or physical) in a perfectly safe and anti-theft environment. Since accounting firms in Cape Town are properly licensed and follow procedures hence, in case of file archiving all the necessary regulations are followed.


    Administrative Services

    A huge part of company’s resource and manpower gets involved in tasks related to invoicing, archiving, legal paperwork but with the help of accounting firms that offer administrative services, they can channel their burdens and extra responsibilities. Thus, it is possible to achieve better results and get high output from each of their employees.


    Other Related Services

    License holding, and registered accounting firms also provide registrations such as Pty Ltd, VAT, PAYE UIF etc. to new and emerging companies. They also handle BEEE certifications, assistance for Import and export license application, certificates for tax Clearance, business valuation, secretarial services and all statutory returns.