A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Name Badges

  • Businesses, institutions and all types of organisations use name badges for easy identification and to facilitate communication. Name badges not only ensure proper communication among the employees or members of the organisations but also make it easier for the guests and customers to communicate with them.

    To ensure that you have the ideal badge, you must know the different kinds of badges available and their ideal use. There are badges for every need, whether you need it for creating a sense of professionalism, for accountability or for safety reasons. Many organisations even use more than a single kind of name badge, depending on the occasion and the purpose of use. Ranging from magnetic name badges to reusable name badges, here is a guide to the different kinds of name badges available: (Information credit: Badgemags)


    1. Permanent Name Badges – These badges are a popular choice as they put forward a professional image of the company. The custom-designed badges are permanent in nature and can’t be altered. These are high in quality and last for a long time. They are an ideal choice for employees whose positions are not going to change soon. Permanent name badges are best-suited for people working on the road, like members of the sales and marketing team.


    2. Reusable Name Badges – Reusable badges are the ones that you should always have on hand. They give you the ability to use them again and again by easily swapping the information on them. Reusable name badges are great for positions that have a high turnover rate. You can also customise them within seconds and use them for guests of a workshop or conference.


    3. Metallic Name Badges – These are simple name badges available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The metal badges are widely-used due to their durable nature and look attractive. They display the name of the employee and also integrate the logo of the company in it, helping in the branding of the company. These are available in both magnetic and pin variants.


    4. Button Name Badges – The traditional button-style name badges are simple, functional and effective. They are the most widely-used and also the most readily available badges. These pin-badges will always have a place. The button name badges are a popular pick by companies that hand out badges for promotional purposes or among companies that wish to create brand awareness.


    5. Customised Lanyards – Though not a name badge in the typical sense, lanyards are still an effective tool in marketing. They can be branded and customised with the name and logo of the company and distributed among employees, guests of a conference or workshop or to customers as a promotional item. They can also be customised with messages on them. People generally keep lanyards for long periods of time, making it an effective branding tool.

    Knowing the different types of badges available and their ideal use will make it easier for you to select the right one for yourself. When used effectively, name badges can prove to be an intelligent investment guaranteeing good returns.