Deciding between Stick and Hand Vacuums

  • Vacuum cleaners have been one of the most useful inventions in human history, especially when it comes to today’s fast-paced world. Millions of households around the globe use some sort of vacuum cleaner to help them keep their home clean and germfree.


    The origin of the vacuum cleaner can be traced back to 1901 in London, when the first motorized cleaner was introduced. Fast forward more than hundred years, and today there are different types of vacuum cleaners available, namely, handheld, upright, canister, stick and the efficient robot vacuum cleaners as well. (Information credit:


    Hand Vacuums:

    Hand/Handheld Vacuums are the preferred choice for cleaning smaller places. They also come in cordless variants and are thus a quick and easy way to clean regularly. It is also used as a substitute when one’s main vacuum does not offer many attachments. Search online best hand vacuum cleaners and you will be flooded with options but remember to pick one after considering all reviews and relevant factors.


    Stick Vacuums:

    On the other hand, stick vacuums can be considered as a cross between a handheld and an upright vacuum, with manoeuvrability of the former and the cleaning capabilities of the latter. They are also much easier to store and light weight to use. They almost always come in cordless variants, which allow them to reach places where other vacuums can’t.


    Thus, it can be tough to make the best choice for one’s household, especially with the number of brands and models that are available in the market today.


    This article aims to discuss the differences between a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum and which would be a better choice for different purposes presented.


    1. Cleaning Floors: When it comes to cleaning floors, hand vacuums are much less efficient than stick vacuum cleaners, which work well both on bare floors and carpeting. Stick vacuums come with highly motorized brushes which help in removing lightly embedded dirt particles from any carpet. Such dirt or dust is otherwise extremely difficult to remove. Most come with several accessories for use on bare floors.  This is largely absent in the case of handheld vacuums.


    2. Cleaning Under Furniture: Again, lightweight models of stick vacuums, which come with a long wand or even those which come with a swivel head, work well in small, tight spaces. These are comparatively easier to use and cause less strain. Wireless stick vacuums offer the user much more freedom around corners and other hard to reach areas, making them perfect for cleaning under furniture.


    3. Cleaning areas Higher Up:  In this case, hand vacuums work much better than stick vacuums for the simple reason of mobility. Hand vacuums are made for handheld usage and thus can efficiently clean areas which are high up, such as the top of cupboards, ceiling fans etc.


    Final Thoughts

    Due to the myriad of options available nowadays, it is quite natural to get confused when making a purchase decision. The above article may help consumers to make better-informed choices when going for the best vacuum cleaners for their homes.