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  • Only certain prisoners wear the Stripped Outfits which look like Pyjamas. People wore these were called osrs gold Kapos. Kapos were like assistants to the SS Guards who ran the concentration camps. If you were a Kapo, you would more likely working where the SS had the "Selection Process". Kapos speeded up these processes by selecting the ones

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    who they thought were fit or not fit enough to work. This was mostly common if Death or Extermination Camps like Auschwitz Birkenau. ________________ I'm sorry, but that is not what Kapos were, nor what they did. Every prisoner except the stokers had to wear the uniform. The reason was simply to keep things uniform, like in any other prison before or after. (MORE)

    every fall mid_spring monday, i wear a really nice top to start off the week and some comfortable jeans to go along with it. i wear small hoop earrings (or whatever earring u think go best with the PANTS) and a cute little chain necklace. i would then put on some bracelets that match your socks (if they show above the boot line).

    if you have boot cut or flare jeans, id wear some any color converse or sport shoe to match the shirt you have on. (socks dont matter) then by the time your done, youll have an entire outfit that matches everything you have on, or youll get a weird looking mess depending on what shirt or the pair of pants or the look of the socks or boots your wearing. in the summer,

    i think the best colors would be salmon, yellow, aqua blue, grass/neon green, bright pink, navy, and red. (and white) what i wear is a nice, lace pastel colored shirt with a brightly colored tank top underneath. i wear white capris with a black belt and a pair of black sandals. (remember, you dont really have to listen to me,

    this is just my style that im sharing here) thne i would put on silver bracelet, earrings, and necklace for the bright glaring sun to shine on! thanks for reading!! :) (MORE)

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