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  • but this chart at least gives you the basics. Now you know when you going into, let say, an Electric runescape 2007 gold type gym that leading with a Water or Flying Pokmon might not be a bright ideaOn your quest to catch all, the new DexNav is an invaluable tool. It basically lets you know when you caught every Pokmon in an area, and it addicting using it to catch Pokmon with better stats. Basically,

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    if you caught a Pokmon in an area, its sprite will show up on the bottom screen of your 3DS when the DexNav is open. By clicking on it and searching for that Pokmon, you might find it rustling in the grass. By sneaking up to it, you can see that Pokmon stats, and often, it will have something special about it, like a unique ability, special moves or perfect stats.

    It not always wise to catch a Pokmon and just throw it onto your team all willy nilly; take the time to use the DexNav to see if you can find a special version of the Pokmon you want to add to your team. Chances are you discover an awesome worthy of that spot in your party.As annoying as they are, HMs are back in full swing for Pokmon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

    For those unaware, HMs are moves that must be taught to Pokmon in order to traverse certain parts of the game. It hard to make Pokmon forget them if you decide later on you don want a Pokmon to remember that particular move, and they largely useless in battle, which makes them tedious to teach to Pokmon. So here what you do: Get an HM slave!

    Zigzagoon is a popular one. Found right away, this derpy Pokmon can learn four out of the eight available HMs, which means you can teach them to him and just keep him in your sixth slot when navigating the world looking for secrets. Another popular HM slave is Tentacool, which can learn all three Water type based moves: Surf, Waterfall and Dive. Finally,

    do it while occupying yourself with some other activity, like watching TV. Before you know it, you have overpowered and won have any issues taking on gyms or trainers.There you have it: five invaluable tips for conquering Pokmon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Keep it locked to Heavy Pokmon page for more tips, guides and walkthroughs.

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