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  • One couple (the adventurous versions of themselves) has an accident where the wife dies and there's 07 runescape gold no available backup. The husband has to figure out how to deal with the loss while no one else seems to understand (including the other copies of himself and their wives). Synopsis: two prehistoric humans are attempting to escape a predator.


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    (Note: this is NOT about probes using planets as a "refueling station" or a gravity assisted boost before leaving the solar system.) [more inside]I had thought this was on the Blue somewhere but I can't seem to find it.Missing title of this sci fi story about divergent evolution on gen ship and I have no idea where I'd potentially find them in person. Evil Eyes ended up being released in a collection in 1988 under the same title. Thank you!

    I read a sci fi story that probably came out within the last 10 years about the challenges of effective immortality and divergent evolution on a generation ship, with some people preferring to die rather than use the new tech to become immortal. The ship eventually meets other humans, only to discover that they are now incredibly advanced to the point of being barely human,

    Looking for Short Sci Fi story with clones, brain downloading, and lossand now the immortal gen ship generation is faced with the same quandary as the generation who chose to die off at the start of the story. What is the name of this story?on Mar 23, 2018It's the future. People don't die; they make clones of themselves and are able to upload their brains to the cloud.

    Does anybody know where I could find the Goro Masaki works Evil Eyes (published in 1986, won the 13th Hayakawa SF Contest in 1987) and Venus City (published in 1993 and won the 14th Japanese SF Award, which is apparently the Japanese equivalent of the Nebula Award)? He apparently use to be considered the Japanese William Gibson, but I can't find either of these stories anywhere,

    I have some background in Chinese politics, but not Chinese literature and definitely not the newly emerging sci fi genre there. I'm aware of sci fi anthologies like Ken Liu's Invisible Planets and Liu Cixin's Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy, but I'm hoping someone can recommend a sci fi short story or novella that's specifically about some aspect of war. War technology, battle strategy, experience on the battlefield, social responses to apocalypse, etc I'm open to just about anything in that silo.

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