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  • Once artifact comes out you be drowning in 1000s of people wanting to learn the game and get better. Hopefully it cheap rs gold drowns out the negativity as well. Good luck!so much as letting you guys know how much I appreciate the warm welcome, and wanting to give back in the way that I can.aForgedPistoni7 7700k, RX Vega 64, 1080p Ultrawide Master Race


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    I possibly go for a Shure SM57 for snare and a AKG D112 or better a Sennheiser E602II for bass drum and just not use an overhead . because chances are the cymbals will be loud enough anyways.If you want to go the route of more but cheaper mics, I say a Beyerdynamic MCE 530 as overhead, AKG perception live P2 and P4 for bass drum and snare. But that really in the realm of "not so great".

    In a recording situation, I just skip the snare mic and go for a mono overhead and a bass drum mic . but since this is live, BD and SN are basically the single most important drums.I lucky enough to have gotten 2 15" turbo sounds lately. But funding is tight so I trying to fix everything I can.

    Thanks for the help :) only knew at this and the gear I got is all starting to fail (hand me downs you could say) my sub won pair with the speaker half the time, my single Di just doesn work (I do have a 8 channel Di so I can make do without for now) my multicore needs new plugs and cables just don work. Plug my sound desk has a faulty fader.

    Really struggling for ideas for you lol, try searching F2p bond guide on youtube and see if any methods work for you but iirc they are all methods that only work with use of the ge.I started going to one when I was around 13 (22 now), and yes they definitely do! You may want to get some basics down just so you don hold up the game, but as long as you can do some simple stuff they be fine with it.

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