Few Questions to Ask Yourself when Purchasing Office Headphones

  • Headphones have a multitude of functions when used by office workers. People can use those to attend conference calls, receive customer’s queries and request, coordinate among departments, listen to music, and enhance or improve the overall productivity. Besides, they are also a great way to bring mobility to work.

    In a closed-door operational environment, the office space magnifies any sound produced which may impact the employee’s operational efficiency. Simple office equipment like beep of fax machines, the whirring of printers, or even a humming air conditioner can interfere with the work environment. Thus, a great pair of these office supplies comes in handy for cancelling out any noise.

    Nevertheless, purchasing them can be a tricky affair if you do not have a fair idea of the necessary intricacies.

    Ask yourself these question before finalising on office headsets:

    These simple questions will help you finalise the right set to purchase for your employees. Narrow down your choice by reflecting over them.

    Qs. Is your employees’ work environment noisy?

    A noisy working environment is detrimental to an employee’s performance. Researches back up the claim that office noise is one of the primary reasons behind unhappy and unproductive employees. Thus, it becomes necessary to select a headphone that offers the best noise cancellation features. Many of them are also available in the Binaural style to restrict any noise.

    It may fall a little deep in your pocket. Nevertheless, a highly productive employee will provide much higher returns than the cost incurred.

    Qs. Do they take off the headsets frequently?

    It is also necessary to consider the operational requirements of your employees. If they need to take off the headphones frequently, the on-ear models will be more suitable than the in-ear ones which require a few seconds to adjust.

    Qs. How many hours do they have to use their phone?

    Another necessary question to ponder on is the stretch at which the employees use telephones or VOIP services. If it is for extended hours like in call centres, the headsets need to be of ergonomic design. They should be easy to wear and soft on the ears. They should also have microphones that are comfortably within reach for speaking.

    For the ones who do not use voice calls for an extended period, a regular on-ear headphone will suffice.

    Qs. Are there frequent missed calls reported in the office?

    If there have been frequent missed calls on customer service desks in your organisation, its time you choose the updated version when buying headphones. Replace the existing wired ones with those supporting Bluetooth. It will offer the employees an opportunity to receive these calls even when they are away from their desks.

    Qs. Are the current models interrupting with their working style?

    Employees may face numerous interruptions despite using headsets. Thus, you need to make sure that the headphone model selected does not have any noise leakage. It should also have noise isolation features along with various controlling functions like receiving calls, increasing or decreasing volume, switching to a conference, etc.

    Headsets are office supplies needed more or less in every office environment. Hence, you should understand the operational needs beforehand and answer the above questions to arrive at the right model.