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  • Don't worry too much about no auras, Tony's vyres guide should help with that. Definitely push hard toward 91 buy osrs gold herb, and then boost for overloads. You'll make so many super restores and super pots from vyres.Going off what the others have said, I currently a stats major and comp sci minor, a bit over halfway on both. Its very reasonable to do both.


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    I watch LPL, LCK religiously. LPL games are always more exciting because they basically never stay 0 0 for the first 15 minutes like so much LCK games do. There are so much crazy picks and fights. I seen LPL games where there are wild 5v5 fights at level 1. You just don see that ever in LCK.


    But the LPL casting suffers because frosk and that other guy just don have the synergy like papasmithy and atlus do. LPL always have really high budget events with heaps of viewers at the stadium but the English version of the stream suffers so bad and I don know why. LCK is the opposite, crowd is dead but they don show it on English stream because so many watch it from the west. I seen both events love,

    Unsealed Spellbook, 5% cdr rune and the Boots rune.scavenge uneaten betta food, bottom feeder food, and algae in the tank. If you see a lot of snail poop, feed her less. If you don see any, try giving her more and see if it picks up.2nd tree Demolish (the tower hit one) and conditioning.LCK was dead but still really fun but to me it just like watching macro and careful laning all game.

    Get tear and rush it into archangels staff. Then buy 10% cdr boots. Next buy Sheen but don build sheen until you have bought zz portal after this (reason being that you want 45% cdr ASAP). After that lich bane and you got a pretty cancer build. Final items are probably morellonomicon if you are split pushing well (as the mage pen works on towers) or liandrys torment if the top laner is countering your split push.

    Most often you will feed but their lanes will be pushed in all game, partly because you can wave clear super easily, and you can run like the wind with 45% cdr. I in low plat and have 74% win rate and haven played a single game of Zilean outside of this split push build this season. The downside, like all zilean games is that you really need to get to your item powerspike before youcan do something.

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