Printable Fax Cover Sheet Template

  • Here is a good looking facsimile cover sheet template which includes all of the aforementioned information you could download and use for your own functions. You may make adjustments to it and save it on yourself. If you believe you'll be sending fresh fax cover sheets at the long run, dependent on the one that you just made, you could always save as a template.

    Kinko's, also referred to as FedEx Office, is a handy solution for people who must send or get a fax but don't have their own fax machine. The fax machines at Kinko's are self explanatory and will send and receive both the nationally and worldwide faxes, according to the organization's website.

    Things You'll Need

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    Bring your documents to be faxed to a Kinko's near you. There are 1,700 Kinko's locations from the U.S. Kinko's also supplies complimentary fax cover sheets to their clients.

    phrase phrase phrase Buy a Kinko's prepaid card by a worker in the counter or in a self-service machine should they provide you one inside a shop. Kinko's also gives the choice of paying to your facsimile using a debit or charge card.

    Add your Kinko's prepaid card along with your credit/debit card to the facsimile card reader for the payment. Fax costs are recorded at the fax machine and might differ at different places.