Importance of Coal Trading Companies in South Africa

  • For the past decade, the world has relied heavily on coal as a source of energy and heat more so than any of its alternatives. The global scenario has expanded its horizon in terms of coal mining and trading. The world’s coal demand seems to keep rising as time goes by resulting in a constant upgrade in the global coal industry. 


    In South Africa, there are many establishments dealing with coal mining as well as its trading. These coal trading companies have set an example in production, transportation, and delivery of different types of coal to their consumers. In order to figure out the most efficient and well-reputed coal trading companies in South Africa, the following facts cannot be ignored. (Information source:


    The Increasing Demand for Coal Trading Companies:

    In South Africa, the demand for coal is quite high. Increased coal production and trading have made it available for every consumer. It is used for household purposes such as cooking and heating and for industrial usage too. The transportation network of a highly resourceful coal trading company should connect all parts of South Africa in order to serve quality coal products to their clientele.


    Coal trading companies in South Africa not only deal strictly in coal but also expand their inventory to include wood pellets, small nuts, industrial peas, duff and anthracite.


    Various Types of Coal Products:


    1. Wood Pellets:

    Wood pellets are a common choice as a fuel for energy production at an industrial scale. Some consumers also use it in their pellet stove to prepare food. It is made from waste timber like residues, old paper, sawdust etc.


    2. Small Nuts:

    Small nuts are basically coal but have a slightly different composition. Some variants can be smokeless and have an increased quantity of anthracite in it.


    3. Industrial Peas:

    Industrial peas are coal-based products which are mostly used for firing up boilers and for generating electricity in different industrial sectors such as agriculture and even refineries. They are basically small sized anthracite coal.


    4. Duff:

    Duff is commonly obtained from a coal preparation plant. It has a dry texture and is usually made of anthracite. It is often used in industries to fire up boilers and in the generation of electricity.


    5. Anthracite:

    People know anthracite by the name of hard coal. Having the highest carbon content amongst all other variants of coal, anthracite is submetallic with negligible impurities in its composition. It is recommended for use in household environments.


    Ideal Coal Trading Company:

    • An ideal coal trading company has a consistent and noteworthy reputation due to its wide variety of services and high-speed delivery of products to the consumers.
    • The quality of products offered by a trading company influences its standing in the industry.
    • An ideal coal trading company needs to have an extensive range of coal and coal-related products.


    Coal trading companies offer services to industrial clients and household consumers. Get in touch with a reliable company for all your coal needs.