Different Ways of Using a Stress Ball

  • Stress balls have been designed to help one relax and feel at peace. Today, when the pressure and stress levels are at a peak, stress balls have become widely-used in many professional spaces. Using stress balls helps in relaxing the body, minimizing anxiety and making one feel better both emotionally and physically. Available abundantly with stress ball suppliers across South Africa, here are some amazing uses of stress balls to combat your daily anxiety: (Information credit: https://b-loony.co.za/stressballs/)


    1. Fighting stress in a meeting – On some days, you might be packed with meetings one after the other. Handling all these meetings can make you feel irritated, tired, bored or even just disinterested. When you feel so in a particular meeting, you should consider using a stress ball that will keep your mind calm and your hands occupied.


    2. Tone your muscles – The stress ball isn’t effective in combatting stress only. Using the stress ball and simply squeezing it will help in strengthening the muscles of the wrist, forearm and hands in very little time. What is great about using a stress ball is that you can use it anytime and anywhere.


    3. Use it as a Promotional Tool – Organisations and businesses often hold large scale events like conferences, exhibitions etc., to market themselves. In such events, it is a great idea to giveaway gifts and promotional packages to the audience and a sovereign. Customised stress balls with your company logo can be a great gift in such a package.


    4. Enhance Communication – Using the stress ball, you and your employees can take rounds speaking their mind and brainstorming ideas. The concept is simple, speak when you have the ball in hand and then pass it on to the next person. In this way, the employees will patiently wait till they receive the ball and there will be no interrupting. Minimum disruptions will enhance the quality of conversation.


    5. Massage your feet – When you are too tired from walking, you can also use the ball to massage your feet. Slip off your shoes and socks and place them on a couple of stress balls. Gently roll your feet back and forth, pressing the balls slightly. This will help in stimulating pressure points on your feet, inducing calm and boosting your creativity.


    6. Play games without fear – The squishy stress balls can also be used to play interactive games at the office or at home. You can use the ball to play catch without having to worry about shattering a window glass or hurting someone. You can also indulge your kids into juggling or batting practice without any fear of hurting anyone.


    The stress ball is an ideal choice for a promotional gift for trade shows and similar big industry events. The versatile product has become a widely-used stress buster that helps in reducing both mental and physical stress. It enhances clarity of mind and helps in promoting sleep. Using a stress ball is one of the quickest known ways of fighting stress and enhancing blood circulation.