Facts That Assure Success of Hair Transplant

  • Hair transplant is a great choice for people who experience hair loss and go bald at an early age. This method has improved so much over time, with the latest technology that success rates has risen to an all-time high. Today it is operated in a way that the person feels no pain whatsoever and the wounds heal faster as well. With their growing popularity, many hair transplant clinics have opened in Turkey, Istanbul. However, there are some aspects that affect the success rate of hair transplant operations. These are as follows – (Information credit: www.emrahcinik.com)


    Flexible scalp: It is easier for a surgeon to insert follicles into loose scalps. Looseness of the scalp is directly proportional to its idealness for hair transplant. Moderately tight scalps should not face much of a problem, but exceptionally tight scalps need to be made flexible first, and then operated.


    Shape and thickness of hair: These two characteristics of hair are very important for a successful hair transplant procedure due to the need of blocking light. Curly hair is better than straight hair in this case. More the curls and waves in your head, more the area on the scalp that is covered by it. Same goes for thickness. If your hair is thick then it will cover the scalp and block the light from passing through it. If light hits the surface of the scalp, it gets reflected and displays the baldness.


    Healthy scalp: People wanting to undergo a hair transplant operation must possess a healthy scalp with no disease of any sort. Especially, people with diseases like Alopecia should never think of getting a hair transplant before completely treating their scalp. This is because they have an unhealthy donor supply. The whole operation would thus be a waste of time and money.


    An experienced Surgeon: The qualification and experience also drastically affects the success rate of a particular hair transplant operation. If you choose an able surgeon for the job you will not need to worry about any risks. In addition to that, after an operation you will properly be guided about the things you need to do for proper growth.


    Genes: If you have a family history of losing hair at an early age, then share consult your doctor. There is a possibility that the hair around the bald area that are intact, will start to fall after your transplant. Both you and your doctor should consider this situation.  This will help you understand if you should wait for some more years before having a hair transplant. A hair transplant operation is truly successful if you choose to do it after getting completely bald.


    Health: Some health situations like diabetes may result in a failed transplant. You must take care of a condition like this before having the operation. Besides this, getting the right amount of food and sleep and doing some exercises will improve your chances for success.


    You can have a successful hair transplant if you keep all these points in mind.