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    "I was still functional in society, but when I wasn't fulfilling my responsibilities I was playing that game," he said. "You end up in these fantasy, long range relationships with people it becomes a second life, almost."Video gaming continues to develop as a popular and lucrative entertainment medium, but as with most pleasures, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

    The 27 year old Matthews, a 2002 graduate of Platt High School, said he has no doubt that he was addicted to playing Phantasy. It was, he said, the third game he'd become addicted to since he started playing Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System as a little kid."I was, believe me, addicted," he said. "I have no delusions about that."

    Matthews said he became so rich and powerful in the game that he was spending all his time in his character's store. That's when he quit. He sold off all his fantasy money for the real thing (about $300)."I just came to the conclusion that I was addicted to it and that it was chewing my life up," he said.

    Matthews is a certified nursing assistant who is getting ready to join the National Guard. He no longer allows himself to play a game of the MMORPG genre and no longer has a gaming console at home. He still plays, but only at the homes of friends.I'm trying not to have it in my life," he said. "Right now it's a social thing."

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