Blizzard has announced that it will be adding World of Warcraft

  • Blizzard has announced that it will be adding World of Warcraft Classic RP PVP Realms in Europe and North America.
    Back in June of this year, Blizzard detailed Classic’s realm structure in both Europe and North America and promised that it would be adding PvP, PvE and RP realms. In a new post on the official World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard has now announced that it will also be adding Role-playing Player versus Players Realms

    following community feedback.

    World of Warcraft’s return through Blizzard’s Classic re-release means that memorable stories of strife and conflict from the original game are bubbling back to the surface. The retail version of World of Warcraft has been honed, trimmed, and streamlined into something entirely different from what was available 15 years ago. When Classic returns, it remains to be seen whether that will include the dirtiest and pettiest parts that defined the original game: rage quits, betrayal, and volatile relationship drama.

    Raiding was a big part of vanilla World of Warcraft, and one of the most fondly remembered by many players. However, there was another big source of drama in the game: the PvP system. Players could

    queue up for three battlegrounds: Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, and Arathi Basin. Players could earn honor, which lent themselves to rank.