The original event took place in 2006

  • This really is the most accurate/best movie ever created showing what happend through the years I began playing 2004 and I have seen every single update ever since I withnessed basicly what you saw in RS gold I stuck around for so long since I had any other sport to play at the time but then counter strike became a thing and I abandoned runescape for that to play with scoutknifez/gun game zombie style all that taking a lengthy break from runescape till one day I watched the forums Runescape oldschool... YOU DECIDE! Bro never in my life was so dedicated to spread the information and the day it passed and it got released you wager I spended every cent I had from Runescape3 to acquire a bond/play only oldschool runescape with that point forward now I never logged back into runescape 3 and I will because to me that is only a whole another game.

    I dont know how it looks like if you asked me a question relating to this all I know is I had 94 fletching and 99 RC Firemaking but that's about it. Bonds are amazing but yes thank you will for making Runescape brought back some amazing memories.Runescape is incredible Will, much appreciated guy, thank you! Recounting these occasions I experienced in sport, along with many others commenting here, has brought me a great deal of joy. Many great friends made through Runescape, rivals as well:-RRB- all joining in on this gaming stone. Rs and I play with for the day. I don't get into all that elitist nonsense both are unique and fun and both have dedicated and good communities.

    Runescape is absolutely incredible. Games can seem useless to people beyond the neighborhood but Runescape has had so much enthusiasm and love both within and without Jagex during its entire life. Ups and downs come. I logged in to Runescape3 the other day and it makes me sad to see how little the playerbase is currently getting. I love OSRS and play it a whole lot, but Runescape3 remains such a good game it is simply not grasping for a lot of older players.I regret I was not online for the fally massacre re-enactment, '' I didn't begin playing until a couple of months after the original event took place in 2006. Nonetheless Runescape supplied me a great nostalgia trip since I recall kingduffy and the GE. I recall being at the GE during everyone and bowl 42 flipped out when Plaxico captured the game winning pass for the Giants. I charge RuneScape for creating me a Giants fan. Miss the old times as a child because that instant when everybody flipped shit was magic:')?

    None the less from talking to a buddy all night on the home phone once I was a kid too keeping my mind occupied and stress free during 32 days at the hospital out of my appendix rupturing I can say Runescape could of really well helped saved my life with cheap OSRS gold. Thank you so much Jagex!