How to create the perfect blog post

The Perfect Blog Post - How To Create

Blogs are a great way of providing content to your target audience. It offers a lot of advantages such as increasing one's authority, increasing exposure and a great platform for building a relationship with your audience through comments and discussion. Of course, every blog needs excellent blog posts. In this article, we are going to list a few critical tips on how to create the perfect blog post.
Start With An Idea
Everything starts with an idea, and creating the perfect blog posts is not an exception. If you don't have an idea, then your blog post may very well end up with a scattered mess.
If you need help coming up with an idea, then here's a good tip to help you jumpstart this process. What you'd want to do is to check a popular blog post of a competitor. Read the blog post and try to pinpoint key subjects that the post might have left out. Try to determine if you can then write a blog post about it.
You can also read the comment section, and keep an eye for questions that you can answer with a blog post of your own.
Once you have your idea, you can them move to the next step.
Do The Research First

It's highly advisable that you do your research first before writing a single word of your blog post. This will make things go easier and smoother for you.
Once you have gathered data, it will be easier for you to work on the "framework" of your blog post. Keep in mind that a good framework paves the way for a better flow of your post.
Don't Neglect The Headline
Don't neglect the importance of a headline. Always remember that most of your readers will make a decision to read or not to read your blog posts basing from the headline.
When it comes to creating a headline, strike for balance between being informational and inciting curiosity. However, do not try to make ridiculous headlines just so you can create enormous curiosity with little content to back it up. This is called "click-baiting" and your readers will hate it when you do it.
Writing The Article
Like any good writing, your blog post must have three major parts. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion.
The introduction should tell the reader what you are going to present on the blog post. The body is where you present your main subject, and the supporting facts or ideas. The conclusion is where you wrap everything up.
As a bonus tip, since you are writing a blog post, it's best that you write in short paragraphs. Bullet points and headers are also a great idea.
Add Media Elements And Editing

Since you are aiming for the "perfect" blog post, take time to edit and add media elements.
You'd want to present your text in a dynamic and non-monotonous fashion. Hence, using headers is very wise. When it comes to media elements, you have the choice of adding images or videos. If you don't have a lot of media elements to work with, have at least one relevant image.
Last Tasks
The last tasks involve proofreading your work. The best way to proofread is to read your writing aloud. Then, double check all the elements. Once you're satisfied, hit the publish button.
So that's it. While we can provide you with a basic guideline, but creating a great blog post will take practice. Just keep at it. Sooner or later, you'll be posting great blog posts one after the other.