Social Networking


<h1>The benefits of social networking and social media for staying in touch with friends</h1>


Since the importance of social networking and social media in people’s lives skyrocketed in the last several years, media experts and social scientists have wondered about the positive impacts these platforms have on communication. Some benefits are indeed obvious, but others are only apparent to those that use social media. The ability to meet new friends, but also stay in touch with friends and family seems to be one of the main reasons why people usually register an account with them, a fact which is especially true when long distances are involved.


A Perfect Venue for Meetings

No matter if you want to meet friends or plan a meeting with colleagues, the possibility that these meetings will eventually materialize is much higher when they take place on social media. People can easily meet up and open a video chat through Google Plus or over Facebook instead of having to travel to faraway locations which would be a lot more time consuming, costly and for some, impossible.

Social Networking Makes It Easier For Shy People to Communicate

To many people, communication doesn’t come naturally and what this means is that those who are usually shy in real life may find it a lot easier to express how they feel on social networking. The reason that’s possible is because this outlet provides them a comfortable environment where they feel inspired and willing to communicate. Social media is also tightly integrated in the lives of many teens which rely on it in order to create and maintain social relationships.

According to the latest stats, it seems that about 76 percent of teens in the US use one or more social networking platforms. The most dominant platform is by far Facebook, with a reach of seventy one percent among all teens in the US. Following are Snapchat and Instagram with forty one percent using Snapchat and fifty two percent using Instagram. Twitter, Google+, Vine and Tumblr are also part of the lives of many people, but their reach is not as deep as that of the aforementioned platforms.

Making New Friends

Most people who’ve been interviewed regarding their use of social media said that they choose to register on a particular social networking for friends and the fact that this is how they can keep in touch with them. In fact, 64 percent of teens say that they’ve managed to make at least 1 new friend by using one of these social media platforms.

But on top of making friends, social media is also a very effective way for teens to keep in touch with their current friends, so much so that ninety four percent of them said they spend a lot of chatting with them online.

30 percent of teens said that they chat daily to their friends by using social media, while 37 percent said they chat every few days. The teens’ top choices in terms of their preferred social media platforms included Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Helps People Connect To Their Friends’ Lives and Feelings

As we previously iterated, social media is a great way for teens and people in general to keep in touch with current friends and also make new friends. Because of that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many teens use social media on a daily basis in order to feel closer to the lives and feelings of their friends.

In fact, about 83 percent of teens using social media said that using social media makes them feel a lot more connected to their friends, while 70 percent said that help them better understand their friends’ feelings.

It’s also interesting to note that girls using social media are more connected to info regarding their friends’ feelings (twenty four percent versus sixteen percent boys) and their friends’ lives (forty percent versus twenty six percent boys).

Furthermore, teens of all ethnicities and races feel more connected (by using social media) to info about the things happening in their friends’ lives. However, it seems that African American teens feel a lot more connected than all other ethnicities. Compared to white teens, Hispanic teens using social media platforms are more likely to say they feel more connected to their friends’ feelings, with seventy eight percent of them saying this as opposed to sixty five percent of white teens.